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5th Jan 2014

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3rd Jan 2014
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5th Jan 2014

Rogue_Wing is a well balanced, very friendly and helpful group.
As of now our fleet is adult only. We use a private teamspeak 3 server as our primary communications.We are ranked in the top 20 fleets and are looking forward to #1. (sorry 343- alot of you are good friends, but we have a goal )
As of now our fleet does not have "rules", but we do have a certain code of conduct.
Be polite.- This is simple. We will not be rude to each other, to other players and this includes players on the allied side. We are here to play a game and relax from life. Not cause drama.
Each one of us in the fleet represent it as a whole.
Help each other- This is easy too. Help the low guys level up, complete quests and give them general knowledge of the game. You are not expected to drop what your doing and come running, but if possible help out. You will want help too, or at one time did need help.
In this fleet, decisions are not made by one person. They are voted upon by the captain and lieutenants. This includes removing someone from the fleet and promotions to lieutenant.
As of now the captian and Lts. all have the power to join new members.
Again to join- we are an adult only fleet, we use teamspeak 3 (not required but sure helps.) Also there are no level limits.
You can apply at fleet command or contact the captain and lieutenants.
Captian- Yak_54
First Lieutenant- tio_BOB_tm
First Lieutenant- Broozer
First Lieutenant- _DireNimytz_
First Lieutenant- Krull_68
Thanks for considering Rogue_Wing as your potential new home!
Forum » Forums » Welcome to Rogue Wing Squadron
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